Story 65: grapped by the bib (Jim-Bob Walton)

4 Nov


I have almost finished season 4 and 5 of The Waltons and before I make a list entry of Jason and later Jim-Bob (season 1-8) I want to share this scenes. Elizabeth (in hickory striped bibs) grapped Jim-Bob at his bib pocket while he is looking at a girl. s5e7 (28 minutes of CD3). Grapping by the straps (from behind) is more common (also see my Lederhosen blog). The blue bibs have simple suspenders on the back and are rather tight. Bibs in later seasons are better but he is getting much older and thinner.

Pic 2 showing light brown / beige bibs which he don’t often wear. Quite baggy and he even dancing with a girl in those bibs (ep 5). Pic 2 from s5e3 (2h04, CD1). Jim-Bob and other boys also riding in bibs. The next I will recheck is season 3. Also check the other story entries or a blog search “Waltons”. Rating 10 for season 5. But it’s not my favourite season. Jason and Mary Ellen are grown up and less often shown in bibs. Info 208 is about The bib pocket in The Sun Comes Up (boy, rating 7).



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