List 27: The Waltons – Jason Walton

7 Nov


This is a list of  scenes with Jason (played by Jon Walmsley, my favourite Walton) in bibs (work in progress). For more infos see the main entry, the entry of each season and most of the story entries tagged as such. More pics coming soon. Also updates and other actors of The Waltons. My favourite scene of Jason (and the complete Waltons is s3e20), see pic below. Jason represents for me the typical American teen boy (looks of 1960s or earlier). A bit freckled, stick out ears maybe especially his eyes.

Note that Jason nearly always wearing bibs from season 1-4 and later (as grown-up) only occasionally. So I can’t list any scene (headshot or background scene). Pic above showing s1e10 at 55 min. He mainly wears stone washed bibs which sometimes appear lighter in the sun. Later he mostly wears a purple shade pair (also see entry of season 4).

Season 1:

1h05, ep4 : 2h39 sitting, ep6: 1h05 bottom, ep8: 2h52, ep10:1h03, ep11: 1h24, 1h30 hunker down, front, ep14: 1h15 ladder

above my first and 2nd notes.

CD 1: ep 2 hands in pockets , ep 2 running, ep 4 with straw hat 2h33,

CD 2: ep 8 2h52, 3h+ 3h08 wet

CD3: ep 10 2h52 very good front view

ep 12 at 3h02 front

CD4: ep 14: on ladder at 1h15 (rear view).

CD 6: 11 minutes: bottom, 22 minutes, 1h31 front, 1h47 sitting+front

more scene info and pics maybe in the season 1 entry and story entries linked there

Season 2:



CD1: 2 minutes, 10, 45, ep2: 51 min, hunker down, 54, 1h27 standing, ep3: 1h38, bottom, 1h42, ep4: 2h46 being hit on the bare feet, 2h50

CD2: ep5: 2 min, 12, 26, 53, 1h05, 2h59

CD3: ep 9: 3min, 6 min, bottom, 14 sitting, ep 10: 49, 1h10 sitting, 1h27, 1h32 bottom, 1h50, ep11: 2h25, 2h42

CD4: ep 12: 2 min, 10 front, 34, 53, ep14: 1h53, 2h01, ep15: 2h25 bottom, pic2, 2h30, 2h36 sitting, 3h06 sitting side view

CD5: ep17: 54, 58, ep18: 1h38 lying, 1h53

CD6: ep20: 10 sitting (pictured top), ep21: 1h02, 1h21, ep22:1h46

CD7: ep24: 1h07, one strap down (unknown position)

Season 3:


currently to check

CD1: ep 1: 58 min (with another young man),2h51 riding

CD2: 1h53, 2h27 bottom,

CD3: ep8: 19 min bottom,

CD5:1h44 appear light blue, 2h18 bottom

CD6: ep20: 18 min sitting (see link above, my most favourite scene of all), 29 sitting, ep22: 2h08 bottom

CD7: ep24: 1h23

Season 4:


CD 1: 1h37 /1h52 appearing purple

CD2: 2h52

CD4: ep14: 1h06 front with granddad and Jim-Bob appearing light blue, 1h16, 1h19 bottom

CD5: 6 minutes, (12 family), 29 purple bibs, 1h13 blue stone washed (probably as pictured above in ep 18), 1h25 (appear light blue) stting on truck rear view

CD6: 32 min, 1h19

CD7 at 52 leg angled

Season 5:


CD1: 9 min (dark blue)

CD3: 17 min, 53 min (dark blue), probably as pictured

CD4: 1h27 (light blue)

CD5: 1h40 light purple, 2h31 walking+sitting rear

CD6: 1h15, 1h19, 1h43, 1h45 standing, 2h43 sitting light blue

Season 6-8 no or no bibs scenes of interest

Season 9 : no scenes



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