List 28: The Waltons – Jim-Bob Walton

22 Nov


This is a list of  scenes with Jim-Bob (played by David W. Harper, born 1961 my 2nd favourite Walton) in bibs (work in progress). For more infos see the main entry, the entry of each season and most of the story entries tagged as such. More pics coming soon. Note that this pics are not my most favourite pics of him and it’s just to illustrate him and his different bibs throughout the ages. I can’t currently remember all scenes of every episodes. So this is a summary of my notes and recently checked episodes (mainly season 3-6 as mentioned before, season 6 I have checked half).

Although Jason is almost wearing bibs anytime (except as grown-up in about season 5), Jim-Bob is more often shown in bibs in the complete series. Only more often shown is their granddad.So I think I can’t list every scene, but most of it. My favourite scenes are underlined. There are lots of good scenes. Of my favourite of younger Jim-Bob is a rear view at a tree house in dark bibs (S3e19).

Jim-Bob is very young the first seasons (see pics) and wearing bibs with simple suspenders on the back and often barefoot. Better scenes starting in season 3. Later he is very tall and very thin and often wears hickory striped bibs, but also blue dark bibs. I think never raw denim bibs. Few shirtless scenes (contrary to Ben) and few or no wet scenes. Pic above from s6e24.

Season 1:


CD1: ep2 (simple light blue bibs, simple suspenders, see pic), 1h39 hickory striped (shirtless ?), 2h05 hunker down(ep 3) ep 3 barn, dark blue bibs , 2h49 (ep 4) sit,

CD2: ep 5 6 minutes, ep 8 sit hickory striped sitting on bed 2h53

CD 3: ep 9 25 min, ep 10 hickory striped

CD4: 45 min. sit

CD6: 2h01 sit.

Some more pics at the season 1 updates linked in the season 1 entry.

Season 2:


CD 1: 1h26 (ep 2) sitting in girl’s apron

CD2: 26 minutes (ep 5), 39 min, 1h02, 1h05 shirtless, climb,  2h59

CD3: 3 min (ep 9), 14 min sit, close-up hickory striped,

CD4: 19 min. bottom (ep 12), 34, 2h36 sit, 2h44 sit (ep 15), 3h05 sit,

CD5: 35 min sitting, moving lap up and down (ep 16), 58, 2h27 (ep 19) dark blue, 2h51 dark blue, 2h55 standing behind Elizabeth, 2h55 riding, 3h06

CD6: 1h46 (ep22), 2h09. Pic above showing ep 22 (unknown running time)

CD7: 1h07 sit, riding

Season 3:


CD1: 44 min shirtless, 1h00 (ep1) shirtless, 1h39 sitting sleeveless undershirt, fighting on the floor

CD2: 36 min, bottom, 2h26 (ep 7)

CD4: 12 min (ep 12)

CD5: 2h36 blue (ep 19) Pic showing ep. 19, of my most favourite of the young Jim-Bob

CD6: 1h12 dark blue non-jeans, sometimes appear black,

CD7: 48 jumping, 57 as Cowboy (western blog rating 7), 1h32 bottom, dark bibs.

Season 4:


The Waltons - Season 4

CD1: 1h35 riding (ep 3) 1h52 white, bottom, 2h11 sit white front+side, 2h51 riding, white,

CD2: (ep 5) 3 minutes white !, 17 min legs cuffed, 39 white wet, 2h18 white,

CD3: 11min, (ep 9), 29, 1h07 sit white (ep 10), 1h17 church bib makes fold, 1h37 white, 1h54 (ep11) blue, 2h25

CD4: 3 min blue (ep 13), 12, 19 ff, 1h06 front with Jason + granddad, 1h21 sit, 2h36 (ep 16 no bibs)

CD5: 9 min sit (ep 17), 11, 15, 20, 2h26 (ep 19), 2h27 sit, 2h33 standing, 2h40 standing

CD6: 32 min (ep 20), 35, 49, 2h04 (ep 22)

CD7: 52 min (ep24) sit rear, 1h06 (distance sit). Pic showing ep 23, on the right.

Season 5:


CD1: 1h35 riding, 2h04 light brown rear (pic below), see separate entry (grabbed by the bib pic 2)

CD2: 5 (ep 4) sit+suspender, 18 beige, 34, 38 kneeing, hold suspenders, 50 sit (ep 5), 55, 57 bottom, 1h11, 1h42, 2h05

CD3: 28 min. Elizabeth grab bib, ep7, pictured, 39 ride 3 on 1 horse, see separate entry, 57 (dancing beige)

CD4: 4 min sitting motor cycle (ep 9), 14, 19 motor cycle new medium blue bibs, 2h03 (ep 11, no bibs), 2h57 riding

CD5: 2h23 (ep 16) lying under car, standing in tight bibs,

CD6: 1h07 (ep 18), 1h11, 1h14, 1h21 (lying), 1h42 sit, 1h45, 2h04 (sit as on CD cover), 2h57 sit

CD7: 25 walk (ep21), 1h01 sit


Season 6:


CD1: 17 min blue, 29, 1h20 (shirtless, ep2), 1h12, 2h38 hickory sit, 2h47 hickory bottom

CD2: 8 min sit hickory (ep5, pictured), 1h09 (ep6), 1h44(ep7)

CD3: 31 hunker (ep9), 1h10 cross legged (good for a story entry), 36 (ep11), 37 standing hickory (see main series entry), 38 blue, 43 sit, 2h11 blue, 2h17 blue sit

CD4: 44 (ep 12), 1h03 (ep13), 1h36 walking front (ep14), 1h41 running, 1h50, 1h55, 2h02 standing up, 2h06 sit car !

CD5: 51 min dance rear hickory stripes, 1h59 +earlier coveralls with Ben, 2h59 sit hickory (ep18),

CD6: 11 min walk (ep19), 14 sit, 19 standing, 21 sit, 31, 1h00, 1h38 swim, undressing (no bibs, ep21), 2h00 undress, pajamas underneath, 2h02, 2h03 bottom sit, 2h36 red hanky in right back pocket

CD7: 57 hunker at the mine (ep24, pictured on very top),2h15 sitting rear view next to Elizabeth, 2h41 medium blue

Season 7:


CD1: 34 minutes ladder rear, 1h07 blue (ep2), 2h11 with Catholic girl, 2h14 sit hickory (ep3), 2h36 hickory ep4. Pic below is from ep 2 (1 double ep).

CD2: 52 (ep5), 55, 1h09 sit, 1h30 (ep6), 1h47 hickory close to Elizabeth

CD3: 4 bottom (ep9), 50 standing up, bottom, hickory but don’t appear, 1h sit hickory close up, 1h06 hands in rear pockets, 1h09 hickory hunker down, 1h21 bottom hickory (ep 10), 1h42 hickory and black sweater standing, 1h57 sit (ep11) sweater over bibs, 2h21 sit (ep 12), 2h35 blue

CD4: 2 hickory rear, 14 sit hickory (ep13), 1h48 sit blue (ep15), 2h14 standing, 2h36 (ep16)

CD5: 50 blue sit side (ep 17), 1h27 (ep18), 2h03 working outside, 2h07 headshot hickory, 2h21 bib down (ep20) dressing on. Not sure if pic above is from this season

CD6: 36 (ep21), 1h36 blue bottom (ep22), 1h46 standing up hickory (ep23), 1h47 sit, 2h33 blue (ep24), 2h39 sit light blue rear


Season 8, 9:

Season 8: Jim-Bob not in bibs, but in 501. See season entry. Season 9 no scenes.

Also see



(season 6, hickory striped bibs)




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