Story 69: handicapped in overalls – The Waltons

2 Dec


Yesterday I have seen the sad and touching episodes 21 and 22 of season 6 (spoiler) and want to share that story.

I doubt that anybody likes handicapped people unless they are handicapped themselves or know somebody. But what if someone you like has an accident or desease?

Pic showing Elizabeth in a wheelchair in season 6 (CD6 at 2h39), set in around 1940. I think for the first time wearing those real stone washed bibs who are quite baggy. Before that she wore tight raw denim bibs and light blue, almost white appearing bibs, also tight. She looks even younger with that tight bibs. In the first seasons she wore bibs with simple suspenders, I think. Pic 2 showing her in season 6 as well, CD5 1h12. She also befriends with a girl shortly before that scene who wears beige bibs.

I have entries about the following (blindness “Places in the Heart”, “What Love Sees”, and some others on this and my other blogs but I don’t remember any people more in bibs, maybe in LHOTP. Of course there are many movies with other discriminated people like black. Another entry with a boy in a wheelchair Mijniki avtomobiliv.

Also some minor updates of the Jim-Bob list. I have found my favourite scene (rear view s3e19). Pic belowing showing him in hickory striped bibs at the end of CD6. Rarely combined with a ligh shirt. Other interesting scenes coming soon. Please also note the long list earlier this day. More than 300 hits yesterday, thanks! Often I have less than 200 (not including my old blog). Now even more searching for boys than girls.

One boy in a wheelchair in “Yesli zavtra v pokhod” rating 3.



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