Info 258: Sugar Creek Gang actors later

3 Dec


I was checking again IMDb about what became of the actors and staff of The Sugar Creek Gang (rating 10). There are some new movies, mainly short movies but unfortunately I haven’t found any in bibs yet (except Old Man Paddler in My Christmas Soldier). Pic showing Luke Garmon (Tom Till) in short film “Portrait (2013)”. First I thought that this is his brother Josh (Bob Till). The movie was not directed by the old staff (Owen Smith or Joy Chapman).

The first who did another movie was Lexi Johnson (Circus) in the Mandie series, same staff but now called Lost World Pictures and Charley Gap Films. Also starring Old Man Paddler, Poetry and even Joy Chapman in the Mandie series.Trailers were already on the Sugar Creek Gang DVDs.

3 new movies starring Lexi in 2013. Emily Jordan also did some movies but I haven’t seen any.

Nothing more of interest of the actors. Of Course some grown-ups like Jeff Rose and Adam Boyer. Nothing more from Joy Chapman. Ben Johnson also appeared in a later movie. I think that this must be a grandson of Old Man Paddler (Ben Johnson III). His son also worked for The Sugar Creek Gang.

Owen Smith directed an animated movie called Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas the Horse. Voice actors even Jon Provost and Jon Walmsley (Jason Walton). I wonder how that was managed.

According to the previous website of The Sugar Creek Gang, Kody Brown (Dragonfly) did some movies and plays before. No entries yet on IMDb. Probably short films and the like. I hope that they will be added there. Hard to find anyway as there is another much more famous actor with the same name, now at least not mixed up on IMDb with him anymore.

Another hope is always a remake of The Sugar Creek Gang.(But too late for these actors in their roles).

I’m current starting watching this series again parallel to The Waltons. I have almost finished season 6 and will watch season 2 after that.

Update: Another movie starring Luke and produced by him (with an older teen girl in shortalls is “Julie” 2016).






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