List 30: Open bib / bib down

8 Feb

waltons-s2e21 myfatherwasapreacher

I’ve recently seen Elizabeth Walton in s2e21 (58 minutes on disc 6), so I’m making this list. Sometimes it also involves dressing / undressing scenes (however often not shown completely).

I don’t remember all the movies /entries, so this is a work in progress, like most of the lists. Sorry, no women yet.

I don’t know if I prefer an open bib as it doesn’t show the lap and the whole overalls. However it’s quite interesting. Another thing is one strap loose or beginning to open a brace or both or being undressed.

Pic 1 The Waltons, s2e21 (Elizabeth in hickory striped bibs not undressing), also other Waltons, Jim-Bob (s7e20), Ben (s3e4),…

Papa Was a Preacher (rating 10), not undressing, pic 2

De rode zwaan (rating 10, pictured below), undressing

Mijniki avtomobiliv (teen girl, rating 4), fashion

B-TV’s Tom Sawyer (teen boys, rating 7), undressing ?

The War (1994), teen girl, shortalls, rating 6 (fashion)

Carry Me Home (2004), teen girl, rating 7) undressing

Carnivàle (young man, rating 3)

Fly Away Home (1996), teen girl, rating 6, dressing on

To Kill A Mockingbird (girl while undressing) rating 9

Gunsmoke (boy, rating 9) bib being opened

(Hallo, Onkel Doc!) boy, bib being opened)

The Sugar Creek Gang (boy, teen boy, rating 10), Till brothers, Vol 3?

Was wenn der Tod uns scheidet? (boy, rating 4, sitting on toilet)

7th Heaven (11 yo Ruthie in season 5) rating 6

Cebollitas (~11 yo Fede) rating 8



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