List 30: Open bib / bib down

8 Feb

waltons-s2e21 myfatherwasapreacher

I’ve recently seen Elizabeth Walton in s2e21 (58 minutes on disc 6), so I’m making this list. Sometimes it also involves dressing / undressing scenes (however often not shown completely).

I don’t remember all the movies /entries, so this is a work in progress, like most of the lists. Sorry, no women yet.

I don’t know if I prefer an open bib as it doesn’t show the lap and the whole overalls. However it’s quite interesting. Another thing is one strap loose or beginning to open a brace or both or being undressed.

Pic 1 The Waltons, s2e21 (Elizabeth in hickory striped bibs not undressing), also other Waltons, Jim-Bob (s7e20), Ben (s3e4),…

Papa Was a Preacher (rating 10), not undressing, pic 2

De rode zwaan (rating 10, pictured below), undressing

Mijniki avtomobiliv (teen girl, rating 4), fashion

B-TV’s Tom Sawyer (teen boys, rating 7), undressing ?

The War (1994), teen girl, shortalls, rating 6 (fashion)

Carry Me Home (2004), teen girl, rating 7) undressing

Carnivàle (young man, rating 3)

Fly Away Home (1996), teen girl, rating 6, dressing on

To Kill A Mockingbird (girl while undressing) rating 9

Gunsmoke (boy, rating 9) bib being opened

(Hallo, Onkel Doc!) boy, bib being opened)

The Sugar Creek Gang (boy, teen boy, rating 10), Till brothers, Vol 3

Was wenn der Tod uns scheidet? (boy, rating 4, sitting on toilet)

7th Heaven (11 yo Ruthie in season 5) rating 6

Cebollitas (~11 yo Fede) rating 8

Canicule (1984) 16yo but much younger looking boy, rating 5

Split Infinity (woman rating 7)

The Job (2003) woman rating 4-(5)

Abgefahren (2004) women rating (4)-5

Trocadero bleu citron (boy, rating 4)-5

Die Dienstagsfrauen – Zwischen Kraut und Rüben (woman, rating 3)



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