Info 269: Updates

24 Feb

waltons-s2e24 waltons-s2e23

Some minor updates. First: The Waltons, end of season 2. An interesting scene on disc 7 (s2e23 at 25 minutes, pic 2): Jim-Bob riding in blue bibs, Jason with one strap down (rear view) what is very rare and Mary Ellen on the left in light blue bibs. Also good rear view and typical hands or thumbs in her pockets. Later in s2e24 two quite good sitting scenes of Mary Ellen in light blue bibs (CD 7 at 1h18 minutes, pic 1) and a bit later sitting and standing up but in a distance.

I now rewatching season 7. A quite good scene of older Jim-Bob in the barn on the ladder (rear view, hickory-striped bibs but look blue) s7e1 at 34 minutes and Elizabeth dancing in very good blue bibs at 54 minutes (similar scene like on the Jim-Bob list, but he wears beige pants here). No new pics of season 7 (disc is still in the player).

Footloose had been aired recently. Now I have also seen the beginning. One more brief scene of an older teen girl or young woman in blue shortalls right at the beginning but in a distance (sorry, I haven’t a pic).

“The Fires of Ignorance” from the missing Felix list I already had (Gunsmoke s20e17 rating 8 starring 14 yo Lance Kerwin (pic below).

I have checked it completely (at high speed) and there are only rather few but quite good scenes with him including sitting on straw (see main entry) and sitting in the school. I noticed few full views and this episode is maybe not worth rating 8 (but I keep this rating. He’s very handsome and it’s not that bad either). Typical LHOT-like and western-like brown bibs. Also reminds me of Huckleberry Friends and His Friends (teen Ian Tracey) what I also watch in between. I wish they were blue (They are in The Family Holvak, rating 10). There is also another rating 9 entry of Gunsmoke with a boy in blue jeans bibs.



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