The Waltons – s7e2

9 Mar


Stacy Nelkin, about 18 yo as Catholic girl friend of Jim-Bob in 1978 episode The Calling (s7e2, s7e3 in Germany). Wearing rare blue purple tight bibs, don’t look like jeans fabric. Scene at 1h43 on CD1 (beginning of this episode). Later also some other scenes , one scene sitting in bibs (side view) at 2h17. Later also she and Jim-Bob together in bibs (Jim-Bob in hickory striped bibs).

She was climbing up a tree but doesn’t look like a tomboy. I thought that she was much younger.

I already mentioned her in the entry of season 7 (rating 9), but without any pics. Rating 3-4 for these tight bibs.

Elizabeth also in bibs in double episode 1 at 1h12 lying on a bed in bibs also dancing earlier alone and with Jim-Bob. Bibs of Elizabeth are very good (medium blue) but they are all very thin and tall.

After season 7 I will recheck season 1 which has lots of interesting scenes of both boys, girls and teens, especially Mary Ellen and Jason. But that will take same time. And I also have to update the list entries.





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