Info 304: Sugar Creek Gang actors later – part 2

8 Nov


I think the only one who really continued acting and directing a major movie is Lexi Johnson. Previously, almost 1 year ago I also found Luke Garmon


Now I found some new pics and facts about some more actors like Levi Bonilla (I think not acting anymore but being a musician), but I searched especially for Kody Brown (Dragonfly), I also found his sister Cassie, who also appeared in the movies (probably also not acting anymore). I’m not sure if there are fans of the Sugar Creek Gang and Kody Brown here. He is my 2nd favourite actor in bibs (next to Kyle Eastwood).

One year ago I searched for him but there are dozens or hundreds of Kody Browns and since a few years also the favourite actor from “Sister Wives”. So it’s very hard to research.

It was known that the Sugar Creek Gang was filmed in Georgia and that Kody did  stage playing even before. The facebook site of Lexi Johnson also showing some newspaper pics with some more details about age and location of the other actors.

First I found a different guy also called Kody Brown who looks like him, is about the same age and even lives in Georgia. I was sure that it’s him and was a bit shocked. He has a much younger sister and an older brother. He has very short hair. But then I think I’ve found the right one.

I think he played some characters in King Lear in Atlanta (one year ago). I haven’t found any pics or clips of that. But there’s a clip on YouTube from the official theater (called Thanksgiving 2013). There aren’t many Shakespeare theaters in Atlanta (I think just 2). He is now a professional stage player with a BFA degree

I also found some earlier and later plays with him.

2016 (Oct) The Bird Cage (dinner theatre in Marietta) Kody?

2016 (Mar) The Importance of Being Ernest (dinner theatre in Marietta), photo

2015 (Dec) A Christmas Carol (different theater in Atlanta)

2014 (Nov, Dec) A Christmas Carol (different theater in Atlanta)

2014 The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan (pictured, Jul, Aug). Pic courtesy of Out of Box Theatre, Marietta. Some more and better pics at high res there.

2013 King Lear (Nov, Dec, Atlanta)

2013 Othello (Oct, Nov, Atlanta)

2013 Much Ado About Nothing (March ?, Atlanta)

2012 The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice (Oklahoma City. Park?)

2012 Christmas Tea With the Queen (Oklahoma) There’s one pic showing him in a costume. The only one yet.

– A Midsummer Night’s Dream (unknown year, 2012 ? Oklahoma ?)

– Fuddy Meers (Oklahoma ?)

2008 unknown Shakespeare character (Valdosta), also choral works, see Sugar Creek Gang actors later – part 3 with another pic of Kody

2005 Cheaper By the Dozen (unknown if maybe sailor suit or bibs), Acworth

2004 (May) Inherit the Wind (character Howard usually wears bibs, see next entry), Atlanta

2003 (July, Aug) The Wizard of Oz, Acworth

The Peter Pan is an adult PG-13 version. I can’t imagine him in a Shakespeare play and would buy it on DVD. I hope to find some pics or clips.




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