The Waltons – Season 9

3 Dec


Final season. For whole series (rating 10/10) see very first post.
Year: 1980-1981
Year in film: ~1945
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys, women, man
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: Looks like at least 2 boys in double episode 1/2 (pics 1+2 or is it a girl in pic 1?) and cousin Octavia (pic below, 70 yo Mary Wickes in ep 21 and/or 22) in dark blue bibs together with an apron (would also be a good story entry). Also at least one man in ep 1 (Hal Williams as Harley Foster?). Maybe more actors. Some more young boys in regular jeans (ep 17), but I currently don’t know of any better pics/actors. Maybe none of the Waltons in bibs either? Ben again in a sailor suit in ep. 8. Set in around 1945 so during and after WWII.

I still don’t own this season. All episodes are available on YouTube but not accessable in Germany (without some efforts), so I only have checked some short clips and pics. I don’t have the time to watch everything online anyway. I still consider buying it on DVD but was very disappointed by season 8 (rating 3). Maybe this is a bit better (?). Can anybody help if this is worth buying (considering overalls).

I have to recheck it and maybe buy it or wait for being online or even on TV.

Rating maybe 3-4 around 5 for now but unsure. One perfect scene could turn it into a much higher rating .


Update: I finally have bought this last season. Probably better than thought and better than s8. But few good scenes. Some boys in bibs but short scene. Jim-Bob in coveralls and tight jeans. 2 scenes of Cindy in bibs like s8. Also toddlers. Mary Ellen and Erin in tight raw denim bibs. Maybe now rating 5-6.





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