List 34: Overalls movies set in the 1940s

6 Jan


My 3rd list is about movies and TV series set in the 1940s.

Note that this is an incomplete list as I removed around 15-20 movies (like younger kids, non-farm or most non-US setting, and sorry most of the females, so only here if also males are).

I thought that there were much less movies set in the 40s and much more in the 30s but they are about equal. So the 50s coming in a separate list and are maybe not as good as the 30s and 40s and probably less farm content.

Almost all movies here are very good, so I don’t colorized the titles for the best ones like in the previous list (just if m+f if I remember). There is no specific order, just order of the search results, except for some of my favourites on the top.

Pics showing The Sun Comes Up, “Bless Me, Ultima”, The Runaway (2000) and The Underdog (1943).

For my other lists see the new tab “Year lists” on the very top row next to the other subpages.

The Sun Comes Up
A Rural Community: Holtville, Alabama
The Waltons (s6-9) mainly older Jim-Bob and Elizabeth (s6+7)
Robbers, Rooftops and Witches
Bush Christmas (1947)
Danny Boy (1946)
The Underdog (1943)
The Biscuit Eater (1940)
Fort Apache (2013)
Setouchi shonen yaku dan
My Dog Shep (b&w, own DVD)
Close Encounters (2014)
Chips, the War Dog
Home Fires Burning (1989)
Bless Me, Ultima
Walk the Line
Reg’lar Fellers
Jake and the Kid (1995)
The Rising Place
The Dollmaker
The Runaway (2000)
The Neon Bible
Eros, O Deus do amor
Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang + prequel
Little Mister Jim
Un sac de billes
The Valley of Light
The Rising Place
Rusty’s Birthday
Johnny Holiday
End of the Spear
Two Soldiers (2 movies)
Carry Me Home (2004)
My Brother Talks to Horses
The Green Promise
Good Old Boy: A Delta Boyhood
Too Young the Hero
Raggedy Man
PD movies part 2
A Christmas Story
Los olvidados
Pete’s Dragon
My Dog Skip
Rediscovering Hinkletown – A Prairie Ghost Town
Wish You Well (good)
Little Boy (2015)
Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones
Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!
Summer’s End (1985)
Run the Wild Fields
A Canterbury Tale (1944)
La Storia (1986)

(I might miss some entries)



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