List 36: Bib at high position

7 May

pfefferkoerner-ep146bfeedmylambs2lastfrontier1986kinderstunksitzung honkytonkmanbeverlyhillsbodysnatchersgoodoldboy

I talked about bib at low position, see Story 90 and a blog search for “low position”. Now a list for overalls with bib at high position (=short straps on front, so bib near the neck).

Note that I did a brief check on all my uploaded pics only and often it’s hard to tell if the bib is really at high position. Especially if someone is sitting or even lying. Sometimes people wear different pair of bibs or there are many people wearing bibs like in series.

I like very baggy bibs (like “The Enid Blyton Secret Series” and “Huck & the King of Hearts”, see List 16 Most baggy bibs) often the bib is then at low position, but not necessarily. Sometimes the bibs are just oversized or the person is too thin. It also depends on the bodies. I prefer overalls with bib at higher position. I expected much more movies but as said I have to recheck it and take more attention to the straps. Maybe I even have to add movies with bib at “normal position” as well. Most bibs are at low position without being baggy. Many bibs are also too small, probably the size of the overalls is then too small.

Pics showing: Die Pfefferkörner, Feed My Lambs, Last Frontier (1986), Kinderstunksitzung, Honkytonk Man, Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers and Good Old Boy. This list not contains toddlers and older men.

After the Promise
Alex Mack (f)
Author, Author! (m)
Balloon Farm (f)
Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers (f, pictured)
Bug Off (f)
Children Nobody Wanted, The (m)
Cebollitas (m,f) like Fede ep 66, Andrea
Christmas Story, A
Clay Farmers
Dennis the Menace (m)
Durango Kids
Elisa antes del fin del mundo (f, also baggy)
Feed My Lambs (m, f)
Fortsetzung Folgt
Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family
Gacy (m)
Good Old Boy (m, pictured)
Heroes (2010) f
Honkytonk Man (m, pictured)
Immer Wirbel um Marie (f)
instit, L’ (especially s4e5, m)
Kinderen voor Kinderen 10 (m) + 6 (m)
Kinderstunksitzung (very high but sitting) f,m
-Kleine blonde dood (?)
Knight Rider (1982) boy
Last Frontier (1986) (very high but sitting) f
Last Train From Gun Hill (m)
Let’s Sing Again
Liebling wir bringen die Kinder um
Love Lives On (very high) f
Love Streams (f, woman)
Loves Unending Legacy
Löwenzahn (m)
Mystic Nights and Pirate Fights (m)
Nech zije dedusko (very high, firefighters) m,f
Pfefferköner, Die (f)
Picture Box (m)
Pierino contro tutti (m, greay corduroy)
Ray (m)
Richter zum Küssen, Ein (m)
Road to Avonlea
Schloss Einstein (f,m)
Secondhand Lions (m)
Stalk the Wild Child (m)
Step By Step
Tom Sawyer (1973 TV movie) m (beige bibs)
Too Young the Hero
Trapped (f)
Unknown film #1
Waltons, The (Mary Ellen s3, Jason s1-5, Jim-Bob s3+4 +7?, Erin s6 disc2) f, m


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