List 39: Corduroy overalls

17 May

Miracle in Lane 2katrinistdiebeste2

Someone asked for it and I did a quick search. The problem is I mostly wrote cord (the German word) and so I found many entries containing cord like “according”. I only found one more entry yet

Miracle in Lane 2 (woman, pic 1)

Katrin ist die Beste (older teen boy, pic 2)

Fifteen and Pregnant (older teen girl) beige cord bibs

True Heart (older teen girl) dark brown cord bibs

The Enid Blyton Secret Series (young girl in pink cord bibs)

A Dennis the Menace Christmas (6 yo boy in beige bibs, rating 2)

Little Boy (2015) (7 yo boy, beige and dark bibs, rating 4)

Pierino contro tutti (10 yo boy, grey, maybe a girl, rating (6)-7)

Pierino colpisce ancora (11 yo boy, grey, rating 6)

Anderland (1980) (boy ~8 in black bibs) many more in corduroy pants

Horse Crazy (7 yo girl in white bibs or shortalls, rating 3)

Lumber Baron of Jasper County (young woman dark brown bibs, rating 3+)

Stranger in Town (1998) (8 yo girl in dark brown bibs, rating 4)

Cebollitas (girl ~12 white bibs, girl ~10 green dress, rating ~5-6 for corduroy)

De zesde klas (girl ~12 yo dark red, corduroy ?, rating ~3-4?)

Kinderen voor Kinderen 5 (boys + girls blue, red, rating ~8-)

Drakosha i kompaniya (boy, brown bibs, corduroy ?, rating 4)

Kidsongs / Kidsongs TV Show (girls, light green long, peach shortalls ?) rating 7

I have some movies with beige bibs. Maybe some of them are corduroy as well.

I could swear I had some more. Maybe in my rare movies list or somewhere on my PC. I will check it later.

Please comment if you know some more. Btw I don’t like corduroy.


One Response to “List 39: Corduroy overalls”

  1. Splat182002 May 18, 2015 at 6:00 pm #

    Thank you. I appreciate your efforts and if you find any more please post them.

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