Update: The Waltons – Season 1 (part 1)

20 Oct


After watching series like “Highway to Heaven” and “Lost in Space” and several bibs and non-bibs movies, I’m now rechecking The Waltons. I have seen season 1 about 3 times completely, but usually I start with season 2, 3, 4 or 7 and unlike all other seasons I didn’t have detailed personal notes and desciptions, just some time positions without actor name. When I bought this DVD sets, I mainly focussed on Jim-Bob (and other boys) but he’s very young in the first season and wore simple, faded bibs, simple suspenders only, in the first episodes (later better, regular blue and hickory striped ones).

Pic 1 is from ep. 2 showing the simple bibs of Jim-Bob and young Jason with his hand in his pockets. Pic 2 showing Mary Ellen with a hammer, cursing in ep 7 (DVD 1h46). Pic 3 Jim-Bob in ep 3 in regular blue bibs in the barn. Pic 4 showing Jason with a straw hat in ep 4 (2h33).

There are also wet scenes (mainly Jason in ep 8 in bibs, also bathing costumes of all in ep 7). Another updates and story entries coming soon. I also started to exchanged pics with a bit higher resolution. Recently I exceeded 2,000 posts.

Season 1 entry (just rating 6, compared to later seasons, but Jason and Mary Ellen are much better than rating 6)




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