Update: The Waltons – Season 1 (part 2)

29 Oct


Today I continue the best scenes of season 1. Pic 1 showing a scene from end of ep. 12 at 3h02. Mary Ellen in her typical dark faded bibs in season 1. Next to her is her cousin (bib at low position) previously unpictured. That’s the “muscular boy” who appeared a bit earlier shirtless, partly dressing on and fixing the braces. He tried to seduce her and fights with John-Boy on the ground. The shirtless scene is good (also rear view) but I prefer to post this pic next to Mary Ellen.

Pic 2 from ep. 10 at 1h24. Jim-Bob in his hickory striped bibs (that can only be seen on close-ups). Hands in pockets. 15 yo Jason in his typical bibs. Bib at rather high position. Some seconds earlier a very good scene with him (front view) but I wanted to show Jim-Bob as well.

Pic below showing the wet raining scene in ep. 8 at the end. Most of interest is Jason. A bit earlier Jim-Bob is sitting in his hickory-striped bibs on his bed (2h53).

In total rather few good bibs scenes in season 1, but some are very good (mainly Mary Ellen and Jason). Few guest stars. No scenes of Erin and Elizabeth. Few scenes of Ben (patched bibs, bib at low positon). Other scenes and list of Mary Ellen are linked within the entry of season 1.







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