Update: Kidsongs Kids names

6 Nov


The redhaired boy with glasses from Country-Sing-Along (pic 1) and other episodes is Matthew Bartilson. He also appeared in “Boy Meets World” s1e4 with a cape. There’s also a girl in bibs (looking like a boy here) in this and some other older actresses in bibs (entry coming soon). In Kidsongs there’s also Lynsey Bartilson, probably his sister (unknown if in bibs).

The Asian looking boy I already identified as Christian Tyler Buenaventura. No much boys left on this DVD. Christopher Aguilar is obviously the other Asian looking boy. So the boy with red blond hair and dental braces must be Philip Jacobs who also appeared on Loco-Motion.

This girl from Kidsongs and the TV shows (pic 3) is probably Alexandra Picatto aka Alexandra Palm.

Tiffany Burton is shown here (Update 2: Kidsongs TV Show)

Stephanie Koyano is shown here (Update Kidsongs 5, pic 3 orange shirt).

Courtney Lollis is shown here (Kidsongs 2, pic 1 in blue shortalls and pic 3 on the right)

Megan Miyahara (darkhaired Asian) maybe shown here (Kidsongs I Can Dance, pic 1 front)

Another Kidsongs entry coming in an instant (I Can Dance). A name of a black boy there is also identified.


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