Story 116: Sitting + rocking up and down – The Waltons s2

16 Feb


After rating 1-2 I make a rating 9-10 entry as a reward. And after watching my recent purchases including The Waltons  s9, I continued rechecking season 2.

In ep. 16 (CD 5 at 35 minutes) Jim-Bob sitting in his hickory striped bibs moving his lap and hips up and down. One of the best scenes of the young Jim-Bob.

I mentioned this sitting scene before but without a pic and I even haven’t noticed anything special by my recent rewatching. I don’t like hickory stripes and he’s quite young, so “only” rating 9. Also later a good riding scene but with a pullover. Some more good scenes (sitting or in dark blue bibs). More entries coming later (almost all good scene are already mentioned).

Mary Ellen mostly in light blue bibs. One rare sitting scene of her and Jim-Bob on the floor at 18 minutes (same episode).





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