The Waltons – Season 2 – update #3

25 Feb


Before starting watching “To Kill A Mockingbird” (update coming soon), I even started season 3 of The Waltons. So this is the final update of season 2.There are much more and better scenes of interest (see main entry, separate (story) entries and lists of Jim-Bob, Jason and Mary Ellen.

Pic 1-3 are all from ep. 15 (CD 4). Pic 1 one older and one younger boy running out of school. There’s also a good scene of blond teen boy Timmy (or Jimmy, see s2 entry), friend of Mary Ellen, scene at 2h42. Pic 2 : Mary Ellen sitting in dark bibs, she mainly wears light blue bibs in this season. (Also a good sitting scene with Jason at the table, rear view, ep 12 at 37 min). She sitting in light blue bibs (free side view) in ep 15 at 3h07.

Pic 3 showing Jim-Bob sitting on a bed in hickory striped bibs (2h43), rating 7-8.

Pic 4 is from ep 19 at 2h55. Jim-Bob in medium blue bibs (hands in pockets) standing close behind Elizabeth, who is also in bibs.





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