The Waltons – Season 3 – update #1

4 Mar


I have few posts of season 3 (rating 7 only) and no list entries about Ben and Erin. Some good pics are in the entries of Jim-Bob, Jason and Mary Ellen. So some new scenes, CD 1 only.

Pic 1 from s3e1 at 39 minutes showing Erin in her red bibs. Not sure about the fabric, looks like corduroy but could be just hickory stripes. Backside simple straps till the butt. Ben in very good blue hickory striped bibs. I mainly remembered him in faded simple bibs with bib at low position. He is also shirtless in hickory striped bibs at the beginning.

Pic 2 from ep 2 at 1h39. Jim-Bob sitting in dark blue bibs sewing in a white sleeveless undershirt, soon after that fighting with Ben on the floor (Ben not in bibs here), funny scene all in a small bathroom, a bit earlier at 1h00 Jim-Bob shirtless in light blue bibs outside but not sitting and mostly from a distance.

Pic 3 showing Jason riding (I don’t remember him riding in other episodes) here demounting. Erin close behind him. Elizabeth in simple light blue bibs. Note that they are all barefeet. Ep 3 at 2h51.

Pic 4 showing Mary Ellen in a medium blue shirt and light blue bibs, John-Boy in light blue bibs and Ben in dark blue bibs. He climbs over the fence. These bibs are also good. Barn scene at 2h40 ep 3. There are also 1 or 2 young boys at the riding scenes at the end, one riding and one very young boy in light blue coveralls (3h02) but very brief scenes and from a distance.

Very good are 2 boys at the beginning of ep 1 and later a very good rear view of Jim-Bob (see season 3 main entry).







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