List 43: TV commercials

11 Apr


This is a list of existing posts of TV commercials. I think I won’t post recent commercials.

Wrigley’s 1984 (twin girls in snow bibs rating 5)

Bold detergent 1984 (kid, boy ? in purple bibs rating 3)

Like Cola 1983 (young boy in dark blue bibs, tricycle, rating 5)

Kodak 1978 (Rick Schroder on a farm, rating 5)

Sound Swing Bat 1992 (Jonathan Taylor Thomas in black bibs, rating 5)

Crunch ‘n Munch 1983 (Huckleberry Fox sitting in medium blue bibs, rating 6)

Jamin 1980 (boy sitting in blue bibs rating 5)

Alaska Airlines 2000 (boy overalls putting on machine, rating 6)

Florida Orange Juice (1984 Orange You Smart!) teen boy, farm, rating 4

Scout (1990s) boys, girl, rating 6

Müllermilch (1990s) young blonde boy, rating 3

Murphy’s Oil Soap 1983 (one with a sitting boy, another one with a girl), rating 6-7

Homestead Golden Fried Chicken (1979 AUS/NZ) blonde boy, rating 6 (headshot)

Ariel 1990s detergent (young boy, white bibs, rating 6)

Findus Sofficini 1990 (young boy, Italy, rating 4)

Mrs. Butterworth’s 1980s, 1990 (young boys, girl, rating 3)

French’s Mustard 1980 (young boy, raw denim, rating 4)

Everts Ballon 1980 print ad (boy, hickory stripes, unrated)

Oscar Mayer Bologna (1974, 80s boys, blue, red stripes, sitting, girl, rating 3)

Lionel Playworld 1977 ad (girl, kneeing blue bibs, rating 4, woman 1988 yellow)

I also have included this and some other lists to my “Boys subpage” (top row below the header title).

Many commercials on this pinterest page (thanks db1)


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