Book 55: Robert Newton Peck: Soup in the Saddle

12 Apr

Although I’m quite busy and I’m currently reading 3 other (non-overalls) books, and although I was a bit disappointed by some other Soup books, I recently bought “Soup in the Saddle”.

I only have read the first chapter yet and I don’t expect description of overalls. Already one of the boys described wearing pants with a belt. At least barefooted and good 1920s or 1930s Vermont farm setting + plot.

But there are very good illustrations! Almost every pic showing one or both friends in bibs.

Best pic is a boy shirtless in overalls with the straps and bib down washing himself (rear view). Also other good farm scenes, both boys sitting on a wooden fence, a school scene and the like. One boy who walked barefooted in manure standing on the shoulders of the other to climb into a barn window.

There are different illustrators in different editions. Not sure if this part is also available from a different publisher and illustrator. Mine is a 1988 Yearling paperback but with the same illustrator (Charles Robinson, cover+inside) from the 1983 first edition by A. Knopf. There is also at least one movie (Soup and Me, ABC Weekend 1977) but probably not showing bibs.

I will update this after finishing. Other books


Many hits for my commercial entries. Thanks.

Update: Completetly read. No mentionings of overalls. Plot is quite weak. No/few saddle stuff in the middle of the book. A bit funny but quite boring.


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