Info 464: Fascination for overalls

12 Apr

An anonymous follower of my old blog asked, what is so fascinating about overalls.

Good question. I can only speak for myself but first some general thoughts.

I guess that there are scientific works about this or that preference. Maybe there are farmers who just like women and like her wearing overalls just like he does. And the clothes are just usual clothes for work. Others, outside the US (like me) might like the American lifestyle with huge farms and ranches or western setting.

Overalls are unusual clothes (like Lederhosen and sailor suits) what you almost can’t see in a modern city nowadays with some exceptions. At least not barefooted. Of course things and fashion changed.

Some like women in short skirts, bikinis, shiny shorts, Lederhosen or else and gay men might like men in tight jeans or this or that. Others prefer overalls. Some like them tight, others baggy, it depends, some like others or themselves barefoot or in sturdy boots.

Of course it depends always on the person wearing them. So I don’t post old and ugly men (when there are no others). I also like other clothes (see my other blogs).

Overalls are comfortable without a belt and give a free feeling especially when barefooted. Boots give a different feeling.

Overalls and especially shortalls are often associated with kids, just like Lederhosen (and sailor suits). So maybe some childhood memories. Same for some hairstyles like pigtails.

Personally I prefer males, raw denim and a bit baggy overalls, for what I like most, see my rankings. Or watch some of my favourite movies.

Probably most straight men prefer something different like young (blond) women in tight overalls or short shortalls.  If commenting, please decent comments. This is not an adult blog.


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