The Waltons – Season 3 – update #5

24 Apr


Season 3 almost finished, this time disc 6. Pic 1 showing Jim-Bob in dark blue, non-jeans bibs in ep 21 (at 1h24), also in pic 2 (ep 20 at 5 minutes) next to a young boy sitting in  light blue bibs.

Pics 3+4 showing an older boy in dark blue bibs at the barn dance in ep 22. 2 very brief scenes at around 2h11 and 2h16.

Some few more other scenes of interest, mainly showing Jason (see main season’s entry).

Disc 7 coming soon (Erin in light blue bibs and Jim-Bob).





One Response to “The Waltons – Season 3 – update #5”

  1. db1 April 25, 2016 at 4:43 am #

    The movie Sugar Orange from 2004 has a curly haired boy wearing light blue bib overalls midway thru the movie in a kitchen scene with another boy and an outdoor soccer scene with other kids.

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