Story 125: Overalls in butt crack – The Waltons

9 May


Overalls – like other pants and underwear – sometimes are being pulled in the butt crack, more or less. I think this depends on some reasons. 1. The size and cut of the pants and maybe the kind fabric, 2. The body and butt dimensions, 3. especially concerning overalls how they are worn (baggy or not) and 4. body movements.

Pic 1 is from s4e3 disc 1 at 1h52. Jim-Bob wearing white bibs who are rather tight, especially at the front (see pic below). I’m not sure about the fabric. There are white stripes and it looks like that they are bleached hickory stripes. Fabric looks sturdy, probably denim, not soft corduroy. White bibs on a farm don’t make much sense. Is this authentic? I have to search in vintage catalogues. Bibs for carpenters and painters have different fabrics and no stripes.

Jim-Bob is already tall and very thin and I think has a flat butt. So they are not that tight and roomy on the back. And he’s lifting up his arms. When sitting (like at 2h12), the upper edges on the rear flaring out. On disc 2 at the creek (ep 5 at 16 min) he has his upper side buttons open. Otherwise they would be too tight for sitting.

I have seen many movies but it’s quite rare showing the butt crack that much. I mainly remember Dragonfly of The Sugar Creek Gang in movie 4. Mary Ellen is similar on pic 1.

Pic 2 is at 1h50 showing Jason (bibs appear purple), Mary Ellen and Erin in light blue bibs (simple suspenders) playing Baseball. There’s also the black boy Jody in beige bibs. Pic 3 is at 1h37 showing Jim-Bob’s and Jason’s front and the color of their bibs.

There are more scenes of interest on disc 1 of season 4 (supporting actors). More updates coming soon. I think I will make entries of Erin and Elizabeth as well. I prefer dark blue bibs but Jim-Bob is rating 10 here. As said, season 4 is my favourite.

Update: Ben’s bibs also often in the butt crack although baggy, especially on disc 7 or season 5.







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