List 45: The Waltons – Erin Walton

19 May


This is a list of  scenes with Erin (played by Mary Beth McDonough) in bibs (work in progress, I currently watch season 4). For more infos see the main entry, the entry of each season and most of the story entries tagged as such or search for Waltons.

Originally I never paid much attention to her. Although I have seen the complete series around 3 or 4 times, I started making notes few time ago.

She mainly wears non-jeans cotton overalls, backside simple suspenders only. Best and real jeans bibs in season 6 (pic above from s6e6).

Season 1+2:

I don’t remember her in bibs (needs rechecking, will take some time). She mainly wears a short dress with a white underdress underneath (see season 1 and some separate posts). Especially to check the apple picking scene in s1e14.

Season 3:


Disc 1: Ep 1 light red, striped bibs at 39 minutes (pic above wit Ben)

Disc 2: Riding in light red bibs with Ben, she at front 22 min., 43 standing light red

Disc 3: 2h02 and earlier dark blue bibs also sits, 2h29, 2h31 sitting with Jason rear view, 2h51 light red

Disc 4: 2h50 flowered shortalls, barefoot (pic below)

Disc 5: 1h44 standing dark blue (Baseball) ep 18, light red 2h19

Disc 6: ~15 red bibs (sitting rear, headshot) , ~1h48 black cotton bibs

Disc 7: 1h17 sitting light blue, pic below


Season 4:


Disc 1: 1h01, 1h37 Baseball with Jody, she dark blue bibs (pic above), 1h43 light blue, 1h49 Baseball rear, 1h52 light blue, rear, Baseball, 1h55 sits rear, 2h23 (ep 4) on seesaw. She’s 15 yo.

Disc 2: 1h32 light red, 2h42 muddy, 3h06 black

Disc 4: 2h embracing Mary Ellen ep 15

Disc 5: 16 minutes sitting in red bibs and straw hat

Season 5:


Disc 1: Ep1: blue, 2h08 dark

Disc 2: Ep 6: 1h58 brown bibs dancing (pic)

Disc 4: Ep 12: 2h24 brown bibs sitting on porch fence

Season 6:

Disc 2: Ep 6: light blue at 1h10 also sitting, walking and rear view, pic on very top going to sit down, another pic walking

Season 8:

Disc 3: Erin buying bibs 2h26 (ep 14)

Disc 5: Episode 22 pictured at 50 minutes


Season 9:

No bibs but great tight raw denim Wrangler jeans, also riding.




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