Story 127: The Waltons – Ben in raw denim overalls

22 May


16 yo Ben wearing raw denim bibs in s4e14 (disc 4 at 51 minutes, pictured, so around 6 minutes at this episode), bib at low position. Maybe the bibs aren’t brand new and washed once or twice. In the sun or backlight they appear much lighter. Jason’s bibs (pic 2 on the left) also appear like raw denim but I think they aren’t (shadow). Ben also riding a horse at 54 minutes in these raw denim bibs.

It’s just one scene and maybe the bibs are an extra pair or another continuity error. In the next scene he packed his suitcase at their room, wearing his usual hickory striped working bibs. Why would he changed when angry, in a hurry and looking for a job?

Jim-Bob (pic 2, middle) now wearing faded, medium blue bibs. Bib at low position, backside simple suspenders only. I don’t like that. And on this disc I have again problems when playing.

I like raw denim bibs, but I don’t like Ben with his pimples and bibs with the bib at low position.

There seems to be several scenes with actors in raw denim bibs. At first I don’t remember any. I think I will make a list of that because I have many Waltons posts. Probably I will make a list of Ben, too.

Rating 6 for this.





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