Update 2: The Waltons – Season 4

2 Jun


Time for The Waltons. Now disc 4 and partly disc 5. For Ben in raw denim bibs in s4e14 and also showing others like Jim-Bob, I already made a post. More infos on the season 4 entry.

Pic 1 showing Mary Ellen riding, sitting behind John-Boy in ep 13 at 6 minutes. John-Boy this time not in bibs. Also descending the horse. Lots of scenes with her in bibs as a nurse.

Pic 2 showing Jason, granddad and Jim-Bob in ep 14, CD position 1h06. Interesting is the color of the bibs. Jason’s bibs look very light but we’ve seen Jim-Bob’s bibs which are medium blue like Mary Ellen’s in pic 1 and also shown below (in the sun as well). So it’s obviously just the sun light that they appear much lighter and more faded. The bib of Jim-Bob is at very low position.

Pic 3 a rare gardening scene of Erin, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth in ep 13 at 36 minutes. All bibs have simple suspenders on the back (till the butt). They are not really farmers. Small garden and one cow.

Pic 4 also showing the rear of Jim-Bob, Erin and Jason. Ben on the left and Mary Ellen on the right. Ep 17 (disc 5) at 12 minutes. Typical scene of the family together listening to the radio or here Zeb’s stories.




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