Story 130: Different ways of sitting – Wind at My Back

17 Jun


I have completetly rechecked all bibs scenes of Wind at My Back season 3. I especially noticed the different ways of sitting of Fat (Tyrone Savage around 12 yo). A complete list of all scenes and more pics also from the others coming soon (including tomboy Maisey and 14 yo Hub in raw denim bibs). Some scenes are very good (previously rated just 7) and season 1 is even better, I have to think about a higher rating. But for a series there are rather few good scenes. And he often wears a pullover or jacket over them.

Pic 1 is a very good cycling scene from ep 39 at 1 minute. Also rear view while standing in the bike not sitting on the saddle. But fast motion. Pic 2 is from the end of this episode and season, sitting on the streets but with a jacket (sitting down is shown). His bibs are mostly worn baggy and he often has a pullover under them.

In pic 3 he’s sitting lazy with his legs spread. Ep 29 at 11 minutes.

Another good sitting scene at home in ep 38 at 27 minutes (pic 4).

Another perfect sitting scene in ep 31 I think at 20 minutes but with a jacket.

Also some good rear views, Maisey is also cycling, fishing in boots, and some other good scenes like 1930s yellow sport shorts and PE scenes.





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