Gunsmoke (1955) s18e19

20 Jun


12 or 13 yo Willie Aames in beige striped bibs, probably non-jeans (bib at very low position) in several scenes in yesterday’s s18e19 “A Quiet Day in Dodge” (1973). Quite long haircut, this and the behavior as rascal and runaway and the bibs reminds me of Huck Finn. Dirty and ripped clothes and I think barfooted (hard to identify, first I thought of beige schoes). Sitting and standing up is shown. Funny scene of being pulled by his ear by an old woman.

He also starred in The Waltons s3e17 (rating 8). (1975)

Finally an “older” boy in this series. I prefer jeans bibs but this is not bad.

Rating 6-7.

Also good scenes of Ike Eisenmann in s18e18, next to s18e8 but not in bibs (soon on my western blog).

Main entry rating up to 9 at



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