Wind at My Back – s1e6

21 Jun


This episode is mainly about 12 yo Hub (Dylan Provencher) who did farm work for a man. Many very good and long scenes, almost the complete episode. He’s handsome but I prefer 10 yo Fat. Complete list of season 1 coming soon.

Several scenes of walking, front+rear, sitting, hay forking, hands in pockets and the like. Bibs are a bit too long so cuffed up (bibs for a man), bib at quite low position here.

Pic 2 at 23 minutes, also one or two other sitting scenes while making a pause, also jumping down from the wagon is shown. Also some scenes inside a bunkhouse (but dark, hands in pockets). Also in pajamas. At the end leaning against a wall and hands in pockets. Pic 3 is near the beginning.

In pic 4 (at 9 minutes) he has to go quickly to the toilet after drinking too much (probably diarrhea) and has to do it in the field pulling down his bibs (but briefly and partly shown from a distance). Also some older men in bibs.

Rating 7. Raw denim bibs would be better here. Update: Some more pics, also a younger boy.





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