Update 3: The Waltons – Season 4

23 Jun


Time for The Waltons! I’m currently watching season 5 for many days now and I almost had forgotten earlier episodes like s4e1 as I made some posts about more important, later episodes like the butt crack story, may favourite boy at school, Tom, or Ben in raw denim bibs. There are many good scenes in this season, I think I have to make one more post about it (like Jim-Bob sitting in these white bibs and also in the light blue bibs and also showing Erin).

Pic 1 is from the beginning of s4e1 when the class went outside due to the hot weather. The boy on the right wearing dark blue, maybe almost raw denim bibs. Front+rear view, also sitting but from a distance. Jim-Bob wearing his white bibs here. The boy in the middle also riding down the stair-rail in bibs. I thought I already had this. A similar scene before the school is in season 2.

Pic 2 is from disc 5 (ep 17 at 29 min). Ben sitting shirtless in medium blue (not hickory striped) bibs (rear view). Mary-Ellen in light blue bibs and pigtails (thumbs in pockets).

Pic 3 showing Mary-Ellen, Jim-Bob and Ben in ep 19 (disc 5 at 2h40). All bibs appearing much darker in the shadow. Note the patch on Ben’s knee. Jim-Bob’s bib at very low position.

Pic 4 is from disc 5 as well at 1h25 (must be end of ep 18). The kids are sitting on the back of the car. Jason’s rear is shown in his faded bibs appearing light blue in the sun here but are rather typical faded medium blue stone washed. Note that all kids are not barefooted anymore in most scenes, I think not even Jason.

This season is my favourite season and like the main entry is rating 10. Rating 7-8 for this pics here. More infos and links, like lists of Jim-Bob, Jason, Mary-Ellen and Erin at the main entry






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