Wind at My Back – Season 1

24 Jun


“Canadian Waltons” 5 seasons + film
Year: 1996 (-2001)
Year in film: ~1932
Country: Canada
Who in bibs: Fat 10, Hub 12, boys 16-18, men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, S1,S3
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Mainly 10 yo Fat (Tyrone Savage, all pics) in this 1st season in maybe less than half of the time. Faded, stone washed bibs, not tight, quite roomy at the rear. Bib at normal position. His brother Hub (Dylan Provencher) sometimes in bibs, most and best scenes (farm work) in s1e6. Some older teen boys and men in bibs as well. I think no girls. Also some good other scenes (yellow shorts), jeans. I have chosen this pics. My favourite scene is in ep 3 at 8 minutes, pic 2 good walking scenes. Bibs scenes and other good scenes at

Disc 1: Ep 1: 14 sitting inside, 17 picnic (pic 4), 20 (outside mainly rear), 27 (inside sweeping the floor), 41 (no bibs)

Disc 2: Ep 2: 14 Fat+Hub main entry pic 1 Hub’s bib light blue, 16 (not bibs) pajamas, 33 Fat shirtless, Ep3: 0 yellow shirt, Fat bibs, 8 (Fat bibs walking pic 2, others not in bibs), 16 another walking scene, 30 (not bibs), 35 Hub bibs, 40 (not bibs), Ep 4: 15 Fat bibs, 2 older, ugly teen boys bibs, 17 (not bibs, egg run), 18 other teen boy, pyramid, 33 dancing (Hub bibs? under pullover), 35 jeans Hub, other teen boy in bibs on human pyramid, 37 many boys yellow sport shorts, 41 not bibs, pie eating, Ep 5: 3, 5 (pic 3) also headshot straps, 29 (not bibs), 39 face, crying,

Disc 3: Ep 6: 3 (not bibs), 6 Hub, 8 Hub field, 9 Hub diarrhea, 10 sitting, 15 Hub field, barn, (19 girl pigtails, see other blog), 21 Fat clothed in flag, 23 Hub field, 28 Hub field, 35 other boy sitting olive, later Hub standing, Ep 7: 31 Hub (short jacket), Ep 8: 5 Hub, 32 Hub+Fat, Ep 9: 10-12 Hub

Disc 4: Ep 10: 16 (others bibs, sport olympiad), 24 sitting, ep 11: 22 (pic 1), 30 Hub, Fat with vest on stairs, Ep 12: 7 others school (not bibs), 20 Hub school bibs, ep 13: 5 Fat yellow shirt+bibs, 19 (not bibs), 34 Hub (sitting dark lit).

Compared to other movies and series, rating 7-8 only. Few actors and few very good scenes.





2 Responses to “Wind at My Back – Season 1”

  1. Joker June 25, 2016 at 8:57 pm #

    This is an amazing find. I’ll be checking out this entire series. Thanks!

    • Admin June 26, 2016 at 10:44 am #

      Yes, indeed. But in fact, I found it 5 years ago.
      Followers of this blog should have found it earlier by just checking the highest ratings (10 down to 7).

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