Story 133: Being baptized in overalls – The Waltons

1 Jul


Ben Walton, around 16 or 17 yo, like some of other Waltons (John, Jim-Bob) has not yet been baptized. In s5e4 at 43 minutes he’s being baptized in his medium blue, faded overalls in the creek. After the procedure, he’s been embraced by his mom and I think granny, while soaking wet. Good rear views. But I don’t like Ben. No list entry of Ben yet.

Few wearing white clothes or gowns like his aunt Corabeth but I haven’t seen any others in bibs.

The Revival meeting reminds me of that in The Sugar Creek Gang. I never heard of that kind of Christian Revival before. Obviously unknown or rare here in Europe and Germany (or called and made different).

One last post of season 4 coming soon as announced and more from season 5.

In the monthly stats (which I have to do manually) there are 3 new entries.

Last month over 13,000 hits and last Tuesday almost 900 hits/views that day (most from Germany, and more than 200 visitors). Thanks!

25 hits for a single post a day (here Wind at My Back) is also very high. Usually I have around 10-15. Interesting also the different Google Image search results. Even some of my older, tiny pics are one of the first. Unfortunatley almost only my pics are shown. So researching via Google is more and more difficult. And they also partly show contents from my other blogs.




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