L’instit (1993) – s4e5

7 Jul


Drama movie series about a teacher
Year: 1993-2004
Year in film: 1997
Country: France, SUI
Who in bibs: Thomas ~10
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium +
Rating:  6/10 +
Rating: ******
Comment: At least Axel Moine in stone washed blue bibs. Bib at very high position (what I like and is quite rare). Bibs appearing much lighter in the sun but also in the classroom. Or maybe it’s a different pair? But I don’t think so. Probably just appearing darker in the backlight or shadow and are typical stone washed bibs. Ep: Frères de sang. Several good scenes including at least 2 (or 1 long) sitting scenes.

Pic 1 at 44 minutes, pic 2 at 45, pic 3 at 1h03.

I already had a pic of him in the main entry but wasn’t sure about the name, the amount and quality of the bibs scenes. So I checked this complete episode and make this separate entry.

I don’t like curly hair but he’s quite handsome. Very good bibs scenes. I think I have to recheck the complete episode at slow speed again.

Rating 6 or maybe 7 for this one and still rating 6 only for the complete series. So this is one of the best episodes although no farm plot this time. Also a good bunk bed scene (already on my bedroom blog, last pic in the main entry). One other, very good bedroom scene (rating 9) in s4e9 (no bibs scenes). Main bibs entry at




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