8 Jul


Family series, 458 ep
Year: 1997-1998
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Argentina
Who in bibs: boys, girls, woman, man
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Bib occurence: very often
Rating:  8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: Some boys and girls including teens and women in bibs, shortalls, skirtalls and similar. Different colors, often blue and red, but also olive, yellow, green, beige and other colors. Also many perfect shirtless and blue and white shiny shorts scenes of handsome boys (rating 9).

By coincidence I found this nice series. 458 episodes (60 minutes each). Some few episodes I couldn’t check.

Most often shown in bibs and shortalls in maybe the chubby girl Andrea in pic 1 (mainly blue bibs, pic from s1e1). Red bibs are full length, she also wore light and dark blue short shortalls (ep 3 sitting) and ep 10 (shortalls or full length). Ep 200 dark yellow shortalls, ep 177 dark blue bibs looks like a tomboy also sitting (same girl ?), dark blue and light blue shortalls in ep 365 and earlier.

Pic 2 showing a little boy (Gamuza) sitting (unknown episode, YouTube clip called “Historia amor Colo y Roxana (Parte I)” also an older girl (Roxana ?) sitting in blue bibs in that episode (last pic). Gamuza very often in red and blue bibs. Later also in yellow bibs.

Pic 3 showing a young woman in beige bibs in ep 4, also in dark blue bibs in ep 3. Also later in red and green bibs and shortalls as well.

Pic 4 showing some boys from the soccer team. One boy on the right (Axel) wears tight blue bibs. Very handsome is the blonde boy Fede (rarely in bibs, also with the bib down).

Unpictured: A blonde girl in green appearing skirtalls or jeans dress in the “Historia… I” episode, an older girl with dark long hair in blue bibs or similar in ep 180, a dark pigtailed girl in beige bibs in ep 217, probably much more. Also a man in green bibs in ep 140. Fat Robertito in faded blue bibs. Some few other boys including Nacho, Miyaguer and Emiliano in blue bibs. Also an older teen boy in blue working bibs (ep 209+).

Rating now 8. Also on my bedroom and pigtails blogs.

List 46: List by color

List 53: full length – blue

Story 137: Overlapping straps

Story 138: Wrestling in overalls

Story 139: One strap down but not on purpose

Other longhaied boy Brian tight jeans, not bibs esp. ep 107,108

List of longhaired Fede

List of Axel (rating 6)

Update incl. Emiliano (1 strap down) woman in light red, girl shortalls

List – boys sitting

List – girls sitting

Updates: (descriptions are of the posted pics only)

Episodes 1-49 (pics ep 2+16) Vasco, girls colorful, red, blue

Episodes 1-14 Girls colorful, light green, blue shortalls/dress

Episodes 15-24 Woman, girls shortalls, light blue. Colorful bibs

Episodes 25-34 Light blue bibs, shortalls, colorful dress

Episodes 35-43 Light green, colorful, blue, red skirtalls

Episodes 44-49 Girls blue shortalls, short, long dresses

Episodes 50-64 Gamuza sitting blue, girls yellow, blue

Episodes 65-74 Fede red shirt, Roxana blue bibs, Maru kneeing blue

Episodes 73+70,72 Fede in tight bibs, girls blue, yellow

Episodes 75-84: one chubby boy, one little in blue bibs, several girls

Episode 84: blonde longhaired boy, bib down + shirtless

Episodes 85-94: new redhaired boy, woman, girls in red, sitting girls, little boy

Episodes 95-104: Girls in white and green corduroy, fat boy and woman in blue

Episodes 105-114: Girls in yellow bibs and dress, boy sitting light blue, woman

Episodes 115-144: Robertito, Gamuza, girl, woman blue bibs

Episodes 145-164 Gamuza red, woman green, girls blue, beige corduroy

Episodes 165-174 Colo as girl, girls brown bibs, dress, yellow corduroy

Episodes 175-184 Colo light blue, Gamuza red, girls yellow, blue

Episodes 185-199 beige, yellow corduroy bibs, colorful dress. Gamuza red

Episodes 208-210 Older teen boy in blue bibs, girls orange, yellow, beige

Episodes 200-224 girl lying in red, Andrea colorful+apron, woman brown

Episodes 225-236: Girls in colorful bibs, shortalls. Light blue shortalls. Yellow, red bibs

Episodes 237-259: 7 girls sitting, girls turquoise, red, beige, white short + long

Episode 255 new boy Miyaguer in dark blue bibs, one strap down

Episode 260-280 girls red and cream shortalls, colorful sitting

Episodes 281-299 girls beige, blue and rare light yellow shortalls

Episodes 300-319 girls in beige, blue and rare yellow shortalls, dark blue bibs

Episodes 320-349 Gamuza yellow bibs, girls blue, yellow, beige bibs

Episodes 350-369, Yasmina in faded blue + beige bibs, girls dark blue bibs

Episodes 370-389 Girls blue, red, beige, light yellow, khaki bibs

Episodes 390-409 Girls red, blue, green and purple bibs

Episodes 410-424 Girls sitting blue and beige bibs

Episodes 425-444 Black, light blue, light grey, red, blue, yellow

Episodes445-458 Girls beige, red, blue bibs. Yellow dress



2 Responses to “Cebollitas”

  1. db1 August 6, 2016 at 7:20 pm #

    This show is a gold mine for boys, girls, and women in overalls. Every single episode has someone wearing a pair of bibs in it. I have been reviewing the entire 458 episode series. I will be giving updates on which episodes have who in overalls soon. This is going to require multiple postings and updates here on the site.

    • Admin August 7, 2016 at 7:17 am #

      Yes, I agree. Unfortunatley rather few boys and probably more girls.

      Thanks very much for your help!

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