Update: The Waltons – Season 5

16 Jul


This time some more updates of Jim-Bob and Erin in season 5.

Pic 1 is (I think) from ep 4 at 38 minutes (disc 2). Jim-Bob kneeing in the barn in his medium blue bibs (long straps till the butt). Pic 2 is another great scene Jim-Bob grabbing his own straps (same scene, same pair of bibs).

Pic 3 showing Erin dancing in brown bibs with Ben, probably non-jeans cotton and 4 buttons. Ep 6 at 1h58. No-one else in bibs.

Pic 4 showing Jim-Bob in beige/light brown bibs in ep 3 at 2h04. Many good scenes front+rear. Obviously they are his working bibs for repairing his car.

Some few more good scenes like Jim-Bob riding (in blue bibs), coming soon. But rather less good scenes than in the earlier episodes. (Most I already have).

Main season’s entry rating 10 at






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