Update: Lockie Leonard (f/m)

19 Jul


Some good scenes of Phillip in s1e9 like sitting scenes and on stilts. Unfortunately mostly headshots. Bibs are very dark and when standing the bib is at low position but sometimes (when sitting) the bib is at high position looking big and wide like man’s bibs. The character is still 10 yo, the actor 11 or even 12.

Also mom (Briomy Williams) Della Rae Morrison in dark blue, non-jeans bibs in s1e9 and s1e10 but in both briefly, I think mainly or only headshots (pic from s1e10 sitting at 10 minutes). More and better scenes and also rear view in s1e11. Few scenes of her in s1e12.

Update: Mom Briomy Williams in baggy red bibs in a brief flashback scene in s1e11.

Pic 1 from s1e9 at 22 minutes, pic 3 from s1e9 at 7 minutes.

I can’t remember having seen rear views. I wonder why.

Good and funny plots. And other scenes like again bedroom scenes and Lockie shirtless and in shorts and surfing suit.




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