Story 134: Wearing two pairs of overalls at the same time – Gunsmoke

24 Jul


S19e4 (1973) has just been aired. 15 or 16 yo blonde Vincent Van Patten wore 2 pairs of brown bibs at the same time. Not sure if they are regular pants with suspenders under the other. There are 2 pairs of straps shown on the rear, makes 4. The pair beneath is darker, sometimes even appearing black (maybe 2 different pairs ?)

Also sitting scenes and farm work (sowing). 2 different hats (cap and Cowboy hat) also shown without hats.

Unfortunately I only have seen the last 5 or 10 minutes. I have to recheck that more carefully at slow speed and check the rest.

Wearing 2 pairs I have rarely seen, mainly fishing bibs or a thin protective pair, but more often coveralls like when painting. But in the hot sun on the farm? Did he also wear long underwear? That would make 3 pairs of pants.

Nevertheless very good. Rating 7-8.

Maybe more on my Western blog. Main entry here, rating up to 9 at


I also hope for good scenes in today’s Katrin ist die Beste. Fewer and fewer scenes in Lockie Leonard.


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