Update 2: The Waltons – Season 5

25 Jul


Some more from The Waltons season 5. Mainly Jim-Bob of interest (next to Ben and Elizabeth). Pic 1 showing him riding Blue (as usual without saddle) in ep 2 (disc 1 at 1h35). Not bad but from a distance and brief scene.

The scene in pic 2 I already mentioned (Story 29: Waltons 3 on 1 horse, slightly different pic). Very interesting. His girl friend (Patsy Brimmer ?) mounted later and sitting on his lap (or nuts)! and then riding. Ouch. And he’s still laughing. Disc 3 at 39 min (ep 7).

Pic 3 showing him (and Ben) in the church. Disc 3 at 1h17 ep 7 or 8 (double ep). His bib is sagging making a fold, so at very low position. Corabeth said to him to stand properly. He’s also grabbing his straps. On the rear thigh near the butt he now has a beige patch. Later also dancing in his beige bibs.

Fewer and fewer scenes of Jason (no scenes in bibs in seasons 6-9). Again, I encountered problems playing all disc of season 4 and 5.






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