The Swamp Robber (2010) private Sugar Creek Gang remake

1 Aug


Sorry, probably no overalls scenes at all. Some weeks ago, I found this trailer. As it’s hard to find if someone searching for a Sugar Creek Gang remake, mainly finding 99,9 % the original movies or book readings, and as I like the movies, so I post it here.

Produced by “Questionmark Studios” in 2010 starring Kristi Heaton who lives in Washington. Easy to find on YouTube “The Swamp Robber Trailer 2010”. I couldn’t find anything more about it. Obviously a private projekt and not on DVD. Maybe even canceled.

Circus is played by a boy like in the books. Poetry has a pillow under his shirt. All or most boys wearing regular jeans.

Nowadays, movies are very easy to make, the original movies are also low-budget ones with few famous actors. The main problem is getting the rights (for using the names, titles and plots). Probably the same problems for (public) stage plays. I haven’t found any. A real remake would still be great. There is a modern sequel book series but probably without bibs scenes. Main movie series entry (rating 10, TOP rank 2) and books at



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