Update: Pete’s Dragon (1977)

3 Aug


As announced some more pics of Pete and some of the other boys in bibs. I only had the time for checking the movie at high speed (so might miss some more good scenes or actors).

Pic 1 showing Pete and his straps that are hickory striped. Pic 2 showing the kids in front of the school. So at least 2 more boys in bibs. Also scenes inside the school but mainly or only headshots and from a distance. Also walking/dancing scenes outside (see main entry).Pics taken from the trailer, I think pic 2 is near the beginning.

Also other nice historical clothes like knickers. But most are girls in historical dresses. The time setting is obviously even much earlier than thought (rather the 1900s/1910s like many other Disney movies like Rascal than the assumed 1940s.)

Pic 3 showing Pete in a peach shirt and beige bibs later in the movie at 53 min.

I don’t like this actor and haircut and don’t like the dirty bibs and not the beige bibs either. I will recheck it again later the next broadcasting. Rating currently still 4(-5).





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