Update 4: The Waltons – Season 5

12 Aug


And yet another update of The Waltons. Mainly disc 5 of season 5. And again mainly Jim-Bob.

Pic 1 showing Elizabeth looking like Huckleberry Finn with a straw hat and dark, faded bibs. It must be a continuity error as she first walks with Zeb in different pants with attached, overlapping straps and partly back bib but missing the bib at the front (unpictured). Later at the mountain and when she returns she wore that bibs pictured, getting wet and muddy. Disc 5 at 2h49.

Pic 2 from disc 4 at 2h57. Jim-Bib riding as usual without saddle in his medium blue bibs.

In pic 3 Jim-Bob, previously lying under his junk car and standing up, his bibs looking much tighter and much more faded than usual. Maybe another, different pair. Or washed too often and Jim-Bob grew into them. Elizabeth has a young admirer. Disc 5 at 2h23.

Pic 4 showing Jason’s rear, sitting at the table, previously walking towards it. One of the last scenes with him in bibs in the series. Disc 5 at 2h31.

Again playing issues. On 3 discs at the same position, around 1h20-1h45. So probably due to the copyright protection (same on Dallas). You can only watch it once or twice than playing errors getting more and more severe on all players. Not sure if this is true for all editions.

I also received a rating 9 Western DVD with a handsome boy in pants with suspenders. Unfortunately no bibs. Check out my Western blog. The Waltons at





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