Cebollitas ep. 75-84

14 Aug


I was very busy and am running out of movies. db1 hasn’t provided any scenes yet, so I’ve started to check some episodes myself. I haven’t found perfect bibs scenes and not the longhaired blond boy in bibs yet. Very few and brief scenes of boys (only 2, one chubby, one little) and very often the chubby girl in blue bibs. Many bibs/shortalls of the girls turned out to be dresses, skirtalls or similar. No One undressing scenes (of bibs) and no baggy bibs.

I think it’s the best thing, to first checking episodes in chunks of 10 and then post the best bibs / my favourite / the most unusual / the most handsome / the best scenes and the like. I still don’t know the particular names of them but will start making character lists soon.

Pic 1 showing a chubby boy in light blue bibs in ep 80. Also dancing and walking (rear view) and embracing the little girl. The taller girl first sitting in dark blue bibs then joining.

Pic 2 showing an older girl with braided hair sitting in olive bibs in ep 78. I noticed her before and she obviously often wear (mainly blue) bibs.

Pic 3 showing a little boy in blue bibs (full length) sweeping the floor in ep 84.

Pic 4 showing a girl in a dark blue, maybe raw denim dress/skirtalls with a colorful long skirt in ep 81.

Yet unpictured a girl in colorful checkered shortalls (coming soon) in ep 82(+84), a girl in long red bibs in ep 76+84, and 2 girls sitting in blue bibs in ep 80.

Ep 76 has some good sitting scenes (blue bibs), older teen girl or woman sitting in beige shortalls or a short dress. Older teen girl in tight blue bibs sweeping the floor in ep 78.

Ep 82 has cycling scenes (not in bibs) and good shirtless boys in colorful shorts.

Main entry still rating 7 at


Update: The blonde longhaired boy with his bibs down also shirtless in ep 84.



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