Cebollitas ep. 85-94

16 Aug


As announced some very good sitting scenes and other good scenes in the next 10 episodes. Also a new boy and a woman. I choose this scenes. I also have their names now and soon starting character lists and maybe color lists. Some girls looking similar, so it’s a bit hard to verify.

Currently on YouTube: Deadly Web starring Andy Lawrence and Gigi Rice. Thanks db1. Update soon, rating 4.

Pic 1 showing 2 girls in blue bibs sitting on a man’s knees in blue bibs in ep 90.

Pic 2 showing a redhaired boy (I think Colo) in light blue bibs in ep 91. Good but bib at low position.

Pic 3 showing the little boy Gamuza sitting in light blue bibs in ep 88. He often wears these bibs and also red ones.

Pic 4 showing 4 or 5 girls in red. In one frame! The girl on the left and the girls with the yellow shirt and darker checkered ones wearing shortalls or similar. And one is also a dress. So only one in full length here. Ep 92.

Pic 5 showing a woman in red bibs in ep 94.

Other good scenes (some coming soon):

Ep 86: Girl in beige dress/skirtalls, chubby Andrea in dark blue bibs, little Gamuza in red bibs

Ep 87: Girl in olive bibs, boy in blue bibs,

Ep 88: 2 girl in red bibs, Gamuza in  light blue

Ep 89: 2 girls in blue bibs,

Ep 90: Blonde longhaired boy (Fede) again with his bib down (maybe he only wear them that way), 2 girls sitting in blue (pic 1)

Ep 91: Girl in dark yellow bibs, girls green dress/skirtalls, girl in blue bibs and the girl in the dark blue long skirtalls sitting, boy Colo in light blue (pic 2)

Ep 92: Little Gamuza sitting in light blue, also fighting on the floor with another boy in shorts (imaginary scene) then alone, interesting, coming soon, 3 girls in blue bibs including Andrea, several girls in red. Swimwear, Fede in good shorts.

Ep 93: Gamzua light blue (different shirts)




2 Responses to “Cebollitas ep. 85-94”

  1. db1 August 17, 2016 at 12:01 am #

    Blonde boy in blue bibs is Fede, young boy in blue and red bibs is Gamuza, red haired boy in blue bibs is Nacho, fat boy in blue bibs is Robertito.

  2. db1 August 17, 2016 at 1:02 am #

    List of all known Lawrence brothers appearances in overalls:
    Joey Lawrence
    1. Diff’rent Strokes tv series in episode “Big Brother”
    2. Young People’s Specials: Umbrella Jack
    3. Gimme a Break! in publicity shots for the show and maybe in tv series
    Matthew Lawrence:
    1. ABC Afterschool Specials: Don’t Touch
    2. Gimme a Break! tv series
    3. Drexell’s Class tv series
    4. Walter & Emily tv series
    5. Blossom tv series in episode “This Old House”
    Andrew Lawrence:
    1. Walter & Emily tv series
    2. Tom tv series
    3. Deadly Web tv movie
    4. Brotherly Love tv series

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