Cebollitas ep. 95-104

18 Aug


Corduroy! But only 2 girls. On pic 1+3 an older girl (Luciana ?) in white, obviously long corduroy bibs in ep 103. Also a chubby boy sitting on the right in faded blue bibs (Robertito ?) He also appeared often in ep 99 (sitting),100+102.

Pic 2 showing Andrea in a short dark green corduroy I think bibs-like dress.

In pic 4 the woman, this time in blue bibs Ep 97. Other scenes:

Ep. 96: Longhaired girl sitting in yellow short dress, a longhaired girl sitting in a long checkered red blue dress.

Ep.97: Longhaired girl sitting in long olive bibs (sometimes appearing yellow)

Ep. 98: Irina walking in long red checkered bibs, girl sitting in short beige dress, Andrea sitting in long dark blue bibs (coming soon), longhaired girl sitting in light blue bibs,

Ep. 99: Gamzua in light blue bibs

Ep. 100: Thin, blonde longhaired handsome girl (Irina ?) standing in light blue bibs and sitting together with 2 other girls one in dark one in light blue bibs and one other girl (Vicky ?) in red checkered probably short dress or similar.

Ep. 101: Younger girl sitting in dark red bibs (long ?)

Ep. 103: Girl in medium blue shortalls walking and sitting, one girl sitting in dark shortalls or dress, Andrea in red bibs (long ?)

Ep 104: Irina sitting in long red checkered bibs with a lollipop (coming soon)

Non-bibs scenes:

Ep 102: Fede shirtless sitting in tight light blue jeans,

Ep 103: A handome blonde, longhaired boy looking like a girl (not Fede) sitting in tight, light blue bibs, hands on knees, next to redhaired Nacho. Supporting actor? Who knows his name?




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