List 46b: Cebollitas – list by color

20 Aug


This is a list (work in progress) showing all the different colors of overalls. Note, that it includes all type and length of bibs and also include dresses, when having wide straps and braces. I will make separate lists of all the boys, list of the girls, women and separate character lists. It will also help (me) to identify the characters. Names and episode # are on the bottom.

Most color worn are (yet) blue and also red. The colorful bibs are mainly worn by the girls. 1 Boy in red, rest currently in blue only. The bibs are of course combined with different shirts and I can’t post all scenes.

White or similar:


Beige (also see grey below):






















Grey (also see beige):




White (corduroy, long?): Ep 103 Luciana ?, ep 255 shortalls or dress, ep 259 white or similar long (Roxana ?), ep 280 white or cream shortalls (Irina ?), Yasmina shortalls ep 320 (light purple ?)

Beige (top row left to right): Ep 98 dress Maru?, woman ep 1 long (?) also in shortalls (ep20), ep 209 Sofia long, ep 227 full (straps knotted) Irina ?, ep 242 Sofia (short, probably dress), Yasmina long ep 358, Roxana long corduroy ep 159, girl corduroy shortalls ep 151, girl long ep 195 Irina?

Yellow: Ep 114 dress Christina ?, ep 119 long Maru?, ep 200 Andrea unknown length, ep 74 dress, ep 218 Andrea shortalls ?, ep 304 shortalls, ep 284 Sofia shortalls, ep 344 Gamuza long, Andrea long light yellow ep 372, Ep 171 Christina corduroy (unknown length), ep 184 dress corduroy, ep 185 girl in long corduroy bibs (Maru ?)

Orange: Ep 210 dress (Roxana ?), Andrea dress ep 153

Red: Ep 113 Gamuza long (often), ep 1 Andrea long, ep 76 Cristina ?unknown length,  ep 104 Vero? checkered long, ep 94 woman long, ep 105 Maru? dress, ep 101 Sofia unknown length, ep 201 striped dress, ep 202 dress ? with flowers, ep 55 woman light red, ep 252 Andrea short (dress?), ep 147 Gamuza red bibs white seams, Ep 167 Colo as girl, Ep 393 Yasmina long, Roxana dress ep 174, Sofia long ep 434,

Pink: Ep 343 toddler girl

Purple: Ep 400 Vero ? dress ?

Blue: Ep 10 Andrea shortalls, ep 365 Andrea unknown length, ep 92 Andrea long (often also sitting), ep 118 Gamuza long (often), ep 100 Maru? dress?, ep 91 Maru?, ep 91 Yasmina? long dress with colorful skirt, ep 120 Sofia, ep 108 Nacho long, ep 97 woman long, ep 99 Robertito long, ep 100 Irina? (or Luciana) , ep 2 woman long, ep 4 Axel long, ep 118 Edela? unknown length, ep 54 Sofia dress, ep 66 Fede long also often open bib, ep 209 teen boy non-jeans full, ep 222 Sofia unknown length (dress ?), ep 255 Miyaguer (1 strap looose), ep 243 light turqouise full, Vasco ep 2 long, ep 126 girl long, Sofia long ep 368, girl dress ep 317, girl long ep 318, Emiliano long 1 strap down ep 335, Yasmina long ep 353, Roxana long ep 164, Vero dress (overlapping straps) ep 158, Roxana long ep 157, girl long? ep 177, Sofia long ep 440, ep 24 Luciana shortalls almost white, ep 30 woman short shortalls, ep 39 long

Green: Ep 78 Roxana ? long, ep 199 Naty? , ep 116 Andrea corduroy dress, ep 82 La limonera? checkered dress, ep 91 unknown girl, dress (might be blue), clip, ep 135 Andera light green corduroy dress, ep 140 man full, ep 156 woman long, Sofia shortalls ep 8, supporting actress (long ?) ep 36

Tan: Ep 120 Gamuza long

Brown: Ep 214 long, Ep 170 Vero long (almost black), Ep 173 Estela ? dress

Black: Ep 119 woman long?, Ep 441 Christina long?

Grey: Ep 126 Vicky dress, ep 217 Christina unknown length, toddler girl (long?) ep 368, Sofia long ep 440

Colorful: Ep 100 La limonera? shortalls, ep 214 Andrea dress (also with jeans apron over them), ep215 long, ep 228 full, ep 236 Andrea red shortalls, ep 252 blue short (dress ?) Luciana?, ep 256 Sofia red colorful (dress ?), ep 273 Yasmina unknown length, ep 301 shortalls, ep 193 girl in red dress ? Irina?, ep 15 long (Christina ?), ep 27 dress?




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