Cebollitas – Fede in tight bibs (ep 73), girls

21 Aug


Finally. Regular worn bibs of Fede in ep 73. As db1 still havent posted his finds and there are fewer and fewer boys, I have started checking backwards from ep 74-1 (few episodes yet).

First walking and briefly touching his lap in the dressing room. Arms crossed and also thumbs in pockets. Later sitting but partly hidden behind a table (pic 3).

To those who prefer girls, I included pic 2+4 showing blue (ep 72) and yellow (ep 70) bibs (full length). Many bibs turned out to be short dresses, often corduroy.

I think it’s time now, to upgrade this to rating 8 instead of 7. Also some girls are of interest. Not to mention other great scenes.

Please also note my previous posts today.



One Response to “Cebollitas – Fede in tight bibs (ep 73), girls”

  1. Joker August 22, 2016 at 3:55 pm #

    Awesome! I was hoping you would find the blonde boy with his bibs up. I was looking myself on youtube but could not find him. Thanks!

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