Cebollias – teen boy and new colors

28 Aug


After having checked all episodes from 144 back to 50 (and some early episodes with Axel, some more posts coming soon), I have started checking episodes 200 and up (currently 214). I haven’t found Gamuza in yellow bibs yet.

Pics 1+3 showing an unknown older teen boy (for the first time) in blue, non-jeans (working) bibs in ep 209, also sitting (also appearing and sitting in ep 210), some ripped holes on a thigh. The bib seems at high position, but only when sitting.

Pic 2 showing one girl in an orange dress (ep 210).

Pic 4 showing 2 girls in beige and dark yellow bibs in ep 208. At least the beige bib is new, previously I only noticed a beige dress (also with a blue shirt).

The woman in dark brown bibs in ep 214. Andrea in a colorful dress and a bibs-like blue jeans apron over it looking like wearing two pairs at the same time (ep 214).

The previously unknown other boy with long blonde hair is called Brian (still not in bibs).




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