Book 61: Keith Robertson: Three Stuffed Owls

1 Sep

I’m currently very busy and also in the evening I don’t have much time for reading. I’m still reading this book (German paperback, 186 pages, currently page 140) between 2 Enid Blyton books.

First published in 1954 and the time setting is I think in the presence, so 1950s. Typical detective gang kids story. No illustrations in my edition but I’ve seen some on the web (older kids, no bibs).

Only 2 brief bibs scenes yet, but better than none.

In the middle of the book some gang members describing a pile of “working pants” in a farm shop. Obviously overalls. Reminds me of Ike Godsey’s store.

On page 140 after cycling in the rain and taking shelter at an unknown farmer, one gang member called Neil wore an oversized, faded pair of overalls (probably shirtless) while their own clothes are about to dry. The other boy wore a bathrobe.


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