Cebollitas ep. 237-259

4 Sep


Some later episodes, I think Axel coming next.

Pic 1 from ep 259 showing many girls sitting outside at a show. At least 7 girls in one frame! Also good close up scenes. Beige (top right Vero ?) is I think a short dress, 3 or 4 blue incl turqouise are long. Also new white long bibs (Roxana ?).

Pic 2 showing a girl in beige (dress ?) and Andrea in light red, I think shortalls in ep 252.

Pic 3 showing a girl in long turqouise bibs in ep 243. Close up headshot but missing parts of the head (see list by color).

Pic 4 showing a girl sitting in white shortalls or dress in ep 255.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 238: Andrea red shortalls

Ep 242: Sofia in beige shortalls (or dress)

Ep 244: Girl in beige long bibs

Ep 249: Andrea in light blue bibs, shortalls or dress, probably shortalls

Ep 252: Girl in light blue checkered (dress ?)

Ep 255: Miyaguer in dark blue bibs, sitting and standing. One strap down.

Ep 256: Young girl (Sofia ?) in red colorful (dress ?) soon on list by color

Ep 259: Woman sitting in faded blue bibs

Ep 259: Miyaguer sitting in a black shirt and faded bibs

Non-bibs scenes:

Ep 238: Chubby boy Bocha in yellow/colorful aprons

Ep 259: boys and girls in shorts on a  beach, some shirtless incl Fede




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